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  • Responsible for driving execution of key projects and procurement of equipment, software &services, within Enterprise Category where annual expenditure is over 10m€. The role requires excellent communication skills in order to manage critical vendors/partners and stakeholders, which directly touches to employees and sales channels.
  • Expertise in the Enterprise Categories and capable of managing the procurement activities in line with technical specifications, project timelines and SCM strategies.
  • Co-responsible for managing budget with relevant stakeholders by analysing the necessity of required products and services, procuring these items from reliable suppliers with high in quality, fair price and on proper time. Collaborating with Vodafone Group Procurement Company (VPC) – Central procurement organization for all Vodafone Group Companies -based in Luxembourg in order to achieve aforementioned purposes. 
  • This category has an environment of strategic partnership management, representing Vodafone brand is very critical in an environment where competing with other competitors in terms of expanding VBU’s (Vodafone Business Unit) strength and effectiveness. Also in internal stakeholder management, this role requires excellent communications in all management level.
  •  Demonstrates robust understanding of business, identifies and prioritises stakeholders, builds sustainable relationships to drive increased business performance and best value outcomes. 
  • Has a clear understanding of local industry trends, economic, financial and market dynamics, commercial models and demonstrates business foresight to contribute to global category strategy and / or enable delivery of effective sourcing activities.
  • Protects Vodafone's interests by developing commercial contracts based on thorough understanding of legal and ethical environments and manages contract related KPIs and ensure minimal value leakage.
  • Analyse data and generate insights to question and influence local business requirements to optimize demand linked to local business strategy and budget.
  • Ability to support centrally led complex and high value negotiations as well as lead local tactical negotiations by applying creative models, leveraging various cost programs and using various behavioural techniques to achieve best commercial outcome for Vodafone.


  • Accountable for management of mainly procurement processes of Vodafone Business Unit requirements.
  • Leads and owns Local relationship with VPC&Global Key Category Suppliers 
  • Accountable for inputting into and delivering saving targets in VBU Categories
  • Accountable for inputting into 3-5 years category strategy to optimise total cost of ownership for Vodafone, and support VBU to expand Enterprise business. 
  • Management of relations with VPC in Enterprise Category 
  • Manage tendering process (RFI/RFP/RFQ) in line with Vodafone commercial principles and VPC strategies.
  • Support the stakeholders with recommendations on supplier selection, definition of the appropriate commercial framework, and sourcing approach for related categories.
  • Conduct commercial negotiations to provide premium level in terms of pricing, quality, max. Customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure the processes in line with the Procurement Policy 
  • Execute PO management in Vodafone’s EVO system
  • Perform benchmarking activities using internal and external data with local and global studies.
  • Analyse internal costs, perform make or buy analysis and work closely with financial decision support team
  • Track order status and manage claims
  • Initiate and manage cost reduction activities and projects with an overall vision and cross functional communication on Vodafone Business related area. 
  • Manage all the coordination between Supplier, stakeholders and VPC (commercial, technical, legal) during the tender process in local and global tenders.
  • Supporting VPC for B2B PO processes and execute the related orders on time
  • Manage and analyse yearly budget under Enterprise category, provide support on budget preparation and regular review 
  • Initiate contract drafting activities before RFQ phase working with Legal Team for local contracts and Vodafone Procurement Agreement’s (VPA) for global contracts.
  • Manage the communication regarding the contracts between internal stakeholders, VFTR legal team, finance team and behave as a single point of contact to VPC. 
  • Negotiate as a single point of contact in contractual negotiations with suppliers in local area.
  • Support VPC in contractual negotiations with Supplier 
  • Assume responsibility for agreeing the final contract phrasing with Legal 
  • 3-5 years experience in Supply Chain.
  • Prioritise and pro-actively manage not only personal but also team workload with required supervise and in an effective way of working
  • Leverage Category intelligence to improve Vodafone’s commercial position and become the recognised expert within Vodafone
  • Develop an effective way of working by having overall SCM vision & strategies. 
  • Build positive working relationships inside and outside the department, locally and globally.



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