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Responsible for analysing business problems, design, development, testing and documentation of project.

Provides primary support for assigned systems and applications; provides backup support for other systems as needed.

Works with stakeholders to identify automation opportunities.

Works independently with limited support.


·         Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, prefered Computer Engineering or Software Engineering.

·         Ability to interpret new business / technical processes.

·         Advanced knowledge of logic process flows and design.

·         Good knowledge of programming principles, development skills in object orientated programming such as C#, VB .NET.

·         Understanding of TCP/IP networking.

·         Advanced knowledge of at least one scripting language is a plus.

·         Solid knowledge of RPA tools such as, BluePrism, OpenSpan, UIPath, AutomationAnywhere is a plus.


·         Ability to communicate confidently in a customer facing environment

·         Able to take ownership of a problem / solution and drive it through to completion

·         Ability to manage multiple customer engagements and implementations

·         Able to prioritise tasks in line with business objectives

·         Able to work in/across a team

·         Logical and thorough approach with good problem solving skills

·         Prompt, diligent, presentable, and a role model internally and externally

UniteBT / Uipath partnership is an exciting technology business operating in what is undeniably one of the most impactful markets of current times, that of automation through software robotics.

According to the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos, the world is on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution – the age of robotics and artificial intelligence. As the WEF put it; “We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another”.

Our partnershipis at the forefront of bringing this revolution to reality, helping organisations in Turkey deploy this technology to support new ways of providing business services. Working with some of the largest end users, service providers and outsourcers in the market,

We are helping organisations to realise business efficiency through the deployment of a cloud based automation platform known as the Virtual Workforce.

Due to rapid expansion we are seeking applications from energetic, enthusiastic and motivated graduates to become part of the team. Candidates are assured a dynamic and vibrant workplace, investment in training, development and support, and a world of possibilities for the future.

The Automation Developer will take ownership of full automation application development and deliver the expected solution in time and at the expected quality. The ideal candidate will have excellent analytical skills, knowledge of solid programming principles and broad knowledge of technologies and programming languages. The developer will be able to design the application and functionalities based on the business description.

An Automation Developer will be responsible for supporting the development lifecycle of automated processes in the UniteBT /Uipath platform. This may include interpreting current working practices (business analysis / process review), designing automated workflow, and developing, testing and releasing automations to the Virtual Workforce. It may also include providing supporting and training for clients and users of the technology.

The role will require the individual to work across a number of business areas, ranging from project stakeholders at all levels within customer organisations to the internal Uipath teams across sales and solution development. The Uipath cloud platform is responsible for delivering business critical outcomes to its customers, being required to meet both service and performance level agreements, and for this reason a demonstrable understanding of IT systems and practices is crucial to the role, as well as good communication skills.

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