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Job Purpose

Responsible for the completion of defined processes and procedures to deadline, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and compliance with relevant internal and external standards. Identifies anomalies as they arise and uses judgement based on rules and procedures to resolve. For complex issues, may escalate to senior team members.

Key Responsibilities

  • Performs defined procedures and processes with accuracy and completeness. Ensures time commitments and deadlines are met. Processes may include use of manual procedures or local, regional and / or global systems,
  • Verifies data and completes procedural checks against predefined processes or criteria to ensure accuracy and quality. Uses appropriate tools and equipment as required.
  • Investigates and resolves problems or exception situations using systems or equipment, as appropriate.
  • May act as the focal point for specific types of resolutions within the department and across other teams.
  • Uses appropriate communication methods to understand and share information with customers, team members and other departments.
  • Validates or completes accurate and timely reporting. Supports/researches relevant data and collates for analysis and interpretation.
  • Ensures on-going compliance with defined Company processes and procedures, relevant legislation and external regulations, and predefined agreements.
  • Works closely with team and key stakeholders to ensure accuracy of information and completion of processes to deadline. Also includes contact with customers, vendors or employees, to investigate or resolve escalated issues as required.


  • Bachelor degree from BA, Economics or other relevant departments,
  • Minimum 1-2 years of professional experience in a multinational, environment; broad knowledge and experience in financial data & document management, follow up and direct relations with customers,
  • Good communication capability both with internal and external stakeholders,
  • Preferably have customer- result - quality focus, judgement & decision making skills, team working skills, controlling and follow up skills with on time delivery,
  • Very good command of written and spoken English,
  • Residing in Istanbul and/or able to relocate,
  • Military service completed (for male candidates only).

**This position will be hired with 10 months fixed term contact.

FedEx was built on a philosophy that puts people first, one we take seriously. We are an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce in which we provide growth opportunities for all

Our Company

FedEx Express is one of the world's largest express transportation companies and has consistently been selected as one of the top 10 World’s Most Admired Companies by "Fortune" magazine. Every day FedEx delivers for its customers with transportation and business solutions, serving more than 220 countries and territories around the globe. We can serve this global network due to our outstanding team of FedEx team members, who are tasked with making every FedEx experience outstanding.

Our Philosophy

The People-Service-Profit philosophy (P-S-P) describes the principles that govern every FedEx decision, policy or activity. FedEx takes care of our people; they, in turn, deliver the impeccable service demanded by our customers, who reward us with the profitability necessary to secure our future. The essential element in making the People-Service-Profit philosophy such a positive force for the company is where we close the circle, and return these profits back into the business, and invest back in our people.

Our success in the industry is attributed to our people. Through our P-S-P philosophy, we have a work environment that encourages team members to be innovative in delivering the highest possible quality of service to our customers. We care for their well-being, and value their contributions to the company.

Our Culture

Our culture is important for many reasons, and we intentionally bring it to life through our behaviors, actions and activities in every part of the world. The FedEx culture and values have been a cornerstone of our success and growth since we began in the early 1970’s. While other companies can copy our systems, infrastructure and processes, our culture makes us unique and is often a differentiating factor as we compete and grow in today’s global marketplace.



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