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Why Siegwerk?


Joining Siegwerk means joining a successful global ambitious company. It means being part of an industry with exciting growth potential and it means working as part an extended, close-knit team that will give you the support and co-operation you need to achieve your career goals.


Siegwerk is a global leader in its field, with offices in 34 countries and a reputation for innovation, customer focus and continuous improvement.


Join Siegwerk and get the best of both worlds - a company thinks like a global leader, but acts like a family!

We are a multinational production company in Packaging Industry located in Istanbul-Tuzla. We are looking for  'Purchasing and Import Executive”, who will has a chance to get career opportunities in Purchasing and Import Team in Istanbul Plant.


Skills & Abilities


·        University degree in Engineering, Business Administration, Economics or a similar field.

·        Good communicator, team player, dynamic, goal oriented, highly flexible and hardworking,

·        Strong analytical problem solving ability and excellent negotiation skills

·        High level of integrity and dependability with a strong sense of urgency and results - orientation

·        High level of competency in Microsoft Office programs, especially Macro knowledge for excell

·        SAP knowledge is a must

·        Ability to come up to speed quickly on new techniques/processes  in a fast paced environment

·        Advance level in both written and verbal English

·        Min. 4 years’ experience in operational and/or indirect purchasing and min. 7 years of work experience in total.  

·        Have experience and desire to work in a global company

·        No military obligation for male candidates

·        No obstacle for business travels

Duties & Responsibilities


·        Manages and supports the organization's contracting and procurement activities. Coordinate the execution of the solicitation activities such as pre-bid preparation, advertising, receiving and opening bids, recording bid results, vendor responses, document retention and compliance with laws. 

·        Management purchase of  indirect materials based on minimum stock levels and lead times for receipt of goods. Handles supplier selection, request for quotations and analysis of quotations.

·        Controls indirect requests, makes a trade agreement with optimum trading terms and creates the related record in SAP.

·        Communicates and cooperates with EMEA indirect purchasing partners during the indirect purchasing activities.

·        Manages all shipment processes regarding the imported products in accordance with Turkish laws and regulations, manages processes regarding the damage during storage and shipping of the imported products and controls all shipment  documents, shares with Customs Broker in order to make necessary arrangements.

·        Negotiates and executes purchase orders or vendor contracts as needed to support the critical business needs and manage all activities that develop relationships with suppliers

·        Develops and adapts procurement strategies based upon continuous monitoring and forecasting of impacting variable market conditions.

·        Request samples from new suppliers and coordinates the supplier review and approval process working with other departments such as technical department.

·        Preparation of contracts if necessary.

·        Handles the invoices and all shipment relevant documents of all domestic Purchases and deliver them to Finance department with necessary approvals. 

·        Coordinates the preparation of all import formalities.

·        Inputs material orders (both internal and external) in SAP and monitors these orders until receipt in the factory.



Firma Sektörü:

Çalışma Şekli:

Haftaiçi 08.00 - 17.00

Haftasonu (Cumartesi) -

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