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•Trust and fairness towards our customers, suppliers , business partners, employees , investors , competitors and public.
•Innovation based on the needs of our customers and their clients.
•Acting in social responsibility whilst using technology - that expedites our lives.
•Reliability in terms of delivering the agreed quality at the agreed time.
•Commitment to the environment and enhancement of workplace health.
•Promotion of the professional competences, personal and career development of our employees



To provide a complete range of solutions for the Telecom, Automotive and IT industry as well as services, we are committed

•for being dedicated to exceeding each customer's expectations every day and earning his or her loyalty.
•for being the market leader in the markets it serves by deploying state-of-the-art technology.
•to increase our productivity by continuously innovating and seeking improvement in all aspects of our operations.





In the years ahead, we will maintain our position in the sectors where we are active - as an up-to-date, reliable and innovative partner - with the responsibility given by half a century of experience in business life. We will continue on our course of profitable growth in core businesses and in major world markets.

Our objective is to become the systems partner of choice worldwide for all existing and new customers. We strive to achieve benchmark status in its sector through our innovative engineering solutions.

We will continue to improve generating maximum added value for our customers. We will optimize internal business and manufacturing processes across the KUNT GROUP, aiming always for best practice.

Our goal is to work systematically towards a world-class operation through continuous improvement to product and service quality, optimizing resource utilization and responding fast and flexibly to customer requirements.